Sunday, February 25, 2007

2-25-2007Well after 6 Years and a few months together I feel like we are starting to feel some tension building up and we are starting to get too comfortable with one another. We bicker a lot more. But we still don't get into major argurments. Don't get me wrong I know that we love each other and that we will never split up. But I just want those butterflies back. Anyways, we have 3 gorgeous animals that we treat as if they were our real children. And we love everyone of them and could never replace them. One is Toby. Well Tobias. He is the king of the roost. He makes sure that everyone is in line. We have put our heart and souls into him. And I have cried many tears over him. Then there is Maggie. The goofy little Boston Terrier. She is a total momma's girl and we wouldnt have it anyother way. She is spoiled and gets whatever she wants. Then there is Miss Kitty. The true queen of the roost. We have had her for 4 years now and hope to have her for many many more. She is our #1 girl. We just recently got our first house. We have done so much work to it and made it our home. Its a 3BR 2Bath house wiith a nice size living room and kitchen with an attached dinning area. We still have to finish the cabinets. We have no cabinet doors or drawers. Well that is it for now.