Sunday, October 11, 2009

How are things going?

Well, I haven't posted in a while, but life has been really busy. Not anything too crazy though, thank god. Last time I posted, I was ready to start losing weight and get my life back on track. Well, it seems like I was ready. I have lost 20 pounds since then! I look and feel great. I still have a large goal, 14 pounds by November 21 and then 20 after that by January 15. It's a lot to lose, but I am ready to lose it. I just want to be "healthy" enough to have another baby. We have been talking about it and we want to start trying again when Robert turns 2. That way they will be just far enough apart that they will still be able to be friends. I have a great relationship with my brother and want that for my kids.
Wes is doing great. Staying really busy at work. He is doing a great job of juggling work and our family. A lot of cops have a hard time doing that. By now a lot of families start going through hardships. Ours is staying strong and only getting stronger.
Robert, well, he now officially a big boy. He is walking, talking, and is everywhere. He says about 10 words clearly and appropriatley. A few others that are hard to understand, but he will help you understand them by pointing at whatever he is talking about. He is so smart too. He loves to learn. He will work with something until he knows how to get it. He is very strong willed though. He loves to get his way and if he doesn't, WOW does he get a little attitude. He is my little man, and as time goes on, I still can't believe that he is mine!