Tuesday, October 21, 2008

7 Random Things

Ok Leza this is for you!

7 random things....
1. I am a total Country music buff. Growing up, its all I was pretty much able to listen to.

2. I love Army Wives. Even though Im not one, I know many of them. But I think that a cop's wife comes in a close second with an Army wife.

3. I dont like wine. The only thing that I will drink is Bud Light and Miller Chill. So if I show up, have your fridge packed for me!

4. I want to own a farm! I know I know, what a dream. But I have always dreamt of having a few acers of land with a couple of horses and a cute little country cottage in the middle of no where.

5. I would love to be in the military again. Everyday I think about why I got out, and I totally regret it. But the past is the past and God had other plans for me.

6. I love being a mom. After 2 years of wanting a baby and thinking that I couldnt have one, God blessed me with a wonderful baby boy who looks and acts just like his daddy (OH NO!!!).

7. I love my friends. And the two closest to me and the farthest away from me. They changed my life in so many ways. And I consider them more of my family than my friends. I love you Leza and Christa. I cant wait to see yall again some day!

Here it is October already. Robert is almost 4 months old. My how time flies. He is such a wonderful little boy. Definatley a handful, but still a wonderful blessing to my life. He is so big. He now weighs almost 14 pounds. And his personality is definatley blooming. He is a very talkative baby. Specially with his daddy. When he hears Wes talking he just goes nuts and starts babbling like crazy. He is loving daycare. He really developed once he got used to it. He loves to stand still and play in his excersaucer. Our biggest issue is sleeping. He thinks he belongs in the bed with mommy. But that is starting to change. We are working on getting him in his crib.

I am doing well. I am looking for a new job to make more money. Dont get me wrong, I love my job, but the pay sucks. I am loving being a mom. There definatley is no greater gift.

Wes is now an official Savannah Metro Police officer. So watch out if you are in town!!! He loves it too. He is working an odd shift right now, and its something that I have to get used to. Its the one that I really wont get to see too much of him. But that is ok, it will get better. Life is great and I couldnt ask for it to be better!