Saturday, March 7, 2009

YEAH it's already March, and it's great! Life is great! I do have some downs, but I am trying to look on the positive of it all. Robbie is doing great great great! He is 8 months old now and is becoming such a big boy.Although he has been sick the past week with RSV you can't hardley tell unless you hear him breathing. Poor bug sounds horrible. But he is CRAWLING FORWARD finally. He started about a month ago. And I will tell you this, he is on the move now. We had to put baby gates up and next weekend I have to baby proof the house. 5f ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, mhjnmkhhjyjtxcryfvu (Robbie says "Hi!") Anyways, I'm doing well. Now that it's warm again I have started doing 5Ks again. Yesterday I did the March of Dimes Shamrock fitness walk. And in April I am doing the Susan G. Komen Walk for the Cure in support of my mom who is a Breast Cancer Survivor. And in October I am doing the Three day walk which is 60 miles (I have a lot of prepping to do for that one). Again that is in support of my mom. It's in Tampa, so itll be a small vacation. Anyways, school is going really well. I am doing good considering how hectic life can get. Work, well other than the flu going around (Thank God I havent gotten it) not too bad. Just busy. Wesley is doing really great. He has been sick, but other than that, great. He is staying really busy at work and he is really enjoying his job. And he did get cut loose back in January. So he driving on his own without someone there to tell him what to do. Well, that is it for now. SEE YA!

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Jeff & Leza said...

I don't know how I missed this posting, but I'm excited he's on his own now and not having a driver...woo hoo.

Tell him to be careful on those high speed tractor all in good laughs.

I'm glad Robbie is doing better...that poor baby. I know it must have been so sad watching him cough and have trouble breathing. Hopefully this RSV will disappear soon. Im glad he's back to his normal "robbie" self. Crawling too, I wish he could crawl here. Tell him, I'll meet him half way.