Friday, April 3, 2009

What the HELL is going on with my child?

I'm beyond stressed out these days. Between having to quit school, in fear of losing my job, and watching my little boy get sick every week, I don't know how I make it through the day. So this past week has been a HORRIBLE week. Robert has been to the doctor 2 times already and the ER once. Last Friday I picked him up from school and he was very sleepy, he had been asleep all day and when he was awake he just wanted to lay on the teachers. That is far from normal for him. I have the type of child who refuses to sleep at school. So I had noticed for a few days that he had been pulling on his ears. So I took his temp and he had a low grade fever. No need to rush to the doctor, just took him on Saturday. Well he was acting great on Saturday. He was laughing and having a good time. So the doctor took some blood tests and his white blood cell count came back high. Normal is 15,000 and his was 22,000. Now I'm freaking out. Just the week before he was put on meds for a bacterial infection. He was on meds for 10 days. So his WBC shouldn't had been high. The doctor had no idea what was going on. He gave him a shot of an antibiotic and a presciption for a new med. So, he takes the new meds on Sunday, and 4 hours later vomits EVERYWHERE. So I called the nurse and they told me to try again the next morning. Well I do, and again he vomits. So we stayed home Monday and stayed on the phone with the doctor to try and figure things out. And he was taken off the meds and I was told to watch him. Well he does GREAT on Tuesday. Back to his old self. Now Wednesday rolls around. I woke him up and took his temp. He had a low grade fever. No biggie, just gave him Mortin and kept him home for a few hours to make sure that it stays down. So at 11 I sent him to school. He had no fever and was wonderful. I went on to work and when I picked him up at 5:00 he had a 104.2 temp. We took him straight to the ER. They run every test possible and we are there for 6 hours. Well, everything came back clean. They said it's viral and to do a Motrin/Tylenol cocktail every three hours. And they gave him a supository to help break the fever. It seems to work. YEAH! I start to get a glimmer of hope. Well, he was asleep all day and I figured that just came from the night before. So at 9:00pm I wake him up and give him a bath and I noticed that he was burning up. So I took his temp. 103.2!!!! What the hell??? I refused to go back to the ER. So I just the Tylenol/ Motrin thing through the night and I took his temp at 8:30 this morning. It was 101.3. So it went down, but it wasnt gone. Now I am freaking out. I don't want to take him back to the doctor because I dont want to overreact. But at the same time I want to know what is going on. I need answers. I havent gotten a firm answer and this kind of stuff has been going on since October. UGH!

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Jeff & Leza said...

Oh my gosh Kris. I wish I could give you answers. Maybe you should take him to a different doctor and get another opinion. That never hurts. I cant imagine what the poor little guy feels like. MAybe something is going on at school, I know that isn't the most comfortable thought, but maybe you should look into that. I will pray for him as I always do. I hope they find answers for you soon and make him all better. this guy has lived in the hospital, he probably doesn't know what it's like to just feel good.

Call me when you get a moment to just talk. I LOVE YOU GUYS. I MISS YOU SO MUCH. I'm always always always praying for you.